Shameful mess: what’s happening?

2 Comments 05 May 2016

Corner of West Coast and Bush Roads Waiatarua

Bush Road WaiataruaThis ‘weed control area’ is a shameful mess.  When will it be fixed?

The Waitakere Ranges Local Board has this ‘weed control area’ but this  is what we’re left with.



WeedfreeI’m sickened every time I drive up past.

Maybe the Local Board  could give us an update ?

  • What happened here?
  • What is it costing the ratepayers?
  • When will it be corrected?

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  1. Andy says:

    I live just around the corner from this eyesore. Whenever we have visitors, I always tell them to “look for “Garbage-Bag Corner — turn in there.” They’re always puzzled, what do I mean?

    “Nevermind — when you see Garbage-Bag Corner, you’ll know it right away.”

    It’s a highly visible, unique, ugly landmark. And it’s been in a state of disarray for way too long.

    Why hasn’t an abatement notice been served, and enforced?

  2. PennyS says:

    Who did the job Auckland Council, Auckland Transport or one of the Eco Trusts ? Where has Weedfree’s website gone and what are they about now ? Apparently there is a new retaining wall plan for the slip almost ready to go? Where is this plan and the cost in the boards agendas? The local board’s Discretionary Transport fund discussion was closed to the public – which is unusual? Should it be? Will it be Auckland Transport fixing the situation. Other agenda items withheld from the public view lately include the Libray upgrade plans and costs, and the remainder of the boards 3rd quarter budget reallocation which were not published in our agenda but to be tabled in the meeting. (Complaints lead to agenda item being removed as it wasn’t legal – info must be published 2 days before a meeting.) Summary: Lots more being done outside public view in our Board. Would like to see more transparency.

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