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Sealing of existing laybys along Piha Road

5 Comments 15 November 2014

WRLB submits to Auckland Transport against layby sealing on Piha Road

There has been a lot of chat on social media recently about stupid and  reckless driving on Piha Road.   Some of the discussion is around tailgating, drivers not pulling over to let others pass and unsafe overtaking.

Auckland Transport has a program to seal these laybys I understand at the request, or maybe support, of our Local Volunteer Fire Brigade.


SmileEEksmlSo you can imagine my disbelief when I read that our  Local Board has submitted to Auckland Transport opposing this and the President of the Piha Ratepayers & Residents agreed with this stance at the Local Board meeting last week:


Proposed sealing of existing laybys along Piha Road  (Transport Agenda of Waitākere Ranges Local Board – 13 November 2014

” AT has recently sealed other “laybys” on Piha Road.  It is not clear how these were selected and some were informal areas that had developed over the years where WCC had left piles of gravel, or they were entrances to tracks that are no longer in use. In other words they should have been decommissioned, not formalised through AT sealing the areas.  In fact, AT has created a risk by sealing these laybys, giving the impression that they have some purpose as slow vehicle bays or entrances, when they are often unsuitable for such purposes and are hazardous for vehicles moving on or off them into fast travelling traffic.

Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Waitakere Ranges Local Board

This risk applies to the second of the laybys in this proposal. As far as can be seen from the aerial, this area is one of WCC’s old gravel storage places that is no longer used for this purpose. It is certainly not a slow-vehicle bay as identified on the plan. It would actually be dangerous for that purpose as  there is limited visibility and the camber of the road is poor on this bend which has led to accidents in the past where vehicles have failed to take the corner.

It is the Local Board’s view that this area should be de-commissioned and if anything replanted to discourage vehicles from pulling off here.

The first pull-off area is where the Piha school bus stops and is called a Slow Vehicle Bay. However, as you know, this road is about to decrease in speed from 70 kph to 50 kph, so it will not longer qualify as a “high speed rural road”. The reduction in speed should reduce risks at this location obviating the need to extend the seal in the bay.

Consequently the Local Board sees no need for sealing at these locations and would prefer that AT did not spend its funds on these projects.

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  1. Aquamarine says:


  2. Pull Over says:

    Who voted this lot.

    lets get some more signs up requesting drivers to pull over if someone is trying to pass.

  3. sandra coney says:

    Bobbie, You are incorrect to say that the sealing of these laybys was requested by the Local Volunteer Fire Service. I have checked with Auckland Transport and it is not true.
    Your readers should understand the location of the areas where AT proposed the sealing. The one just past the entrance to the Kauri Grove Track travelling towards Piha is not and has never been labelled as a slow vehicle pullover area. It would be dangerous for cars to move into it. It is right on the inside of a bend with poor visibility. The reason it exists at all, is because historically Waitakere Council used to keep a bit of metal there. Our argument is that it should be decommissioned, not formalised.
    Sandra Coney,

  4. Village Voice Editor says:

    Hi Sandra.

    What I wrote was “Auckland Transport has a program to seal these laybys. I understand at the request, or maybe support, of our Local Volunteer Fire Brigade.”

    I did have correspondence with the Fire Brigade to confirm and this was their answer “As part of an ongoing safety program with the police and Council we recommended sealing of laybys on the open road section [of Piha Road]”

  5. But not the two consulted on according to Auckland Transport.
    In addition, the 2nd one is not on the open road.

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