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Saving Sustainable Neighbourhoods

0 Comments 15 May 2015

Beach Valley Road is a partner with Council in the Sustainable Neighbourhoods program.

BVR20150512gWhen Council was directed to cut a squillion off their budgets the Sustainable Neighbourhoods was one item that got the axe.  Not OK without having discussions with your partners, us, being the volunteers on the ground.

I was shocked as Council’s new strategy isEmpowered Communities’.    Surely they would 1) have a discussion with us and  2) Implement Empowered Communities first for a seamless transfer.

BVR20150512aAramis Goodwin is a reasonably new owner and resident in Beach Valley Road.   The transformation of his property is a wonderful example of Sustainable Neighbourhoods supporting people to care for their environment and each other.

The Beach Valley Road program shared our original plan with Aramus and supplied him with appropriate natives for his frontage and private land which was a terrible mess when he purchased it.

Aramis  has a beautiful stream through his land and he is transforming it into a healthy environment for every living thing that could and should live there.    Just more shade is needed now.  Go Aramis !

Members of the Project started lobbying our Waitakere Ward representatives, Linda Cooper and Penny Hulse, to retain the program at least until we could have some discussion about the future and where to.  There was also lobbying behind the scenes with other Councillors and we were thrilled when the budget was reinstated for 12 months.  A huge thanks to Linda Cooper and Penny Hulse and the other 19 Councillors who voted unanimously to retain the project for another 12 months.


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