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Rubbish collection day changes

8 Comments 08 June 2016

From July 2016 rubbish collection day changes to Wednesday

Piha Rubbish collectionOur last Monday collection will be on June 27th.

Then we move to Wednesday: July 6th for rubbish only and July 13th for rubbish and recycle.

I can’t help but think what a pain that is going to be for ‘weekenders’ ???

IF you’re not happy with this then you can ‘lodge a complaint‘ with Council

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8 Comments so far

  1. I think this collection day change is absurd! The weekenders will all put their rubbish out at their gate in orange bags when they leave Piha on Sunday evening or Monday morning as they head back to their city homes and jobs. For the next several days Piha will be an eyesore – orange rubbish bags all over the place! And no doubt some dogs will get into a number of bags and there will be rubbish blowing everywhere! And Piha is one of the most favourite day-tripper tourist destinations – what an appalling way for Auckland Council to “present” one of its top tourist spots!
    Linda Cooper, our local councillor (Councillor for Waitakere) and Bobbie Carroll – please work to change this absurd Auckland Council decision.

    Michael Edgar,
    North Piha.

  2. Jonathon Webber says:

    Well said Michael; that is exactly what is going to happen.

  3. Bobbie Carroll says:

    “Auckland Council to “present” one of its top tourist spots!” even better: on a fine Saturday the toilets at Piha Beach were pumped out culminating in the most ghastly stench across the whole area that lasted for soooo long. It was disgusting. What’s wrong with a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday OR Friday. Such bad management !

  4. Mike Stanley says:

    The Auckland Council seems to be stumbling from one half thought through rubbish strategy to another (Eg, beach front public rubbish bins & proposing Wednesday collections for all ratepayers).
    In saying this, I appreciate Linda Cooper’s recent efforts to help sort outaspects of this.
    I note the Council is proposing to retain our existing (large) blue bins for our future rubbish collections. These rubbish bins will be much larger than their central Auckland equivalents. Surely this will encourage people to put out more rubbish when the reverse should be happening.
    Why doesn’t the Council simply bite the bullet now, collect up all the unwanted blue bins & distribute distinctive smaller rubbish bins to all ?
    Also, the Council is proposing 2 pay as you go options for ratepayers’ rubbish.
    Why don’t we just simply pay for our rubbish collections in our rates as others do ?
    This would be much more convenient for ratepayers & save the Council from setting up a whole new bureaucracy.
    Come on Council, why can’t we have a more considered, simpler & more convenient approach to our rubbish collection ?

  5. Sandra Coney says:

    No the council isn’t asking you to keep the blue bins for future rubbish collections. They will be collecting these old bins at some point in the future, unless your want to keep it for some personal purpose. In the meantime, keep putting out your orange bag. Which you pay for, so this is the method of trying to encourage people to keep your rubbish to landfill down. Other parts of the city are not paying for rubbish collection through rates. The whole region is moving to one method and that is pay as you go for rubbish to landfill, whether it is a bag or a bin. You pay for recycling and hard rubbish collection through rates, same as the rest of the region. Ex Waitakere now has the same hard rubbish collection as everywhere else.
    Sandra Coney WRLB

  6. Editor says:

    Sandra either you or AC’s website is confused.
    From Council’s website “Good news! Your blue bin can be re- used for Auckland Council’s rubbish bin service which starts in early 2017. . . . . . Council is planning to offer residents in the North Shore and Waitakere the opportunity to re-use their old blue recycling bin as a rubbish bin for a council operated rubbish collection service. The service will start early 2017. The council bin rubbish collection will be an easy, paid for service based on pick-up and will be separate to rates. You will be able to choose from a range of contract periods (such as a 6 or 12 month term) and payment options. There will also be a number of ways to sign up and pay for the service, including online or by visiting a service centre. Bag collections will continue.

    Re-using your blue bin will ensure it is not wasted and your collections for rubbish and recycling will be on the same day”
    Your existing blue bin: tell us what you’d like to do

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