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Road Corridor Design Guidelines – Have your say

0 Comments 29 October 2015

Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area – Design Guidelines


I’m trying to find out how/where we give feedback but in the meantime :

Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Transport Guidelines is a document produced for our area, it includes 10 principles for Transport work in the ranges including guidelines on information on treatment of  verges, signs, safety barriers, cyclists, type of road surface.  Transport are looking for feedback – details below.

This is a big document but I strongly suggest you read and submit

Some of the content you may be interested in:

  • Unless there are overriding health or road safety reasons, existing unsealed roads should remain unsealed
  • Consideration will be given to utilising gravel for footpaths where circumstances permit; however the decision whether to use gravel will take into account the level of service expected and the expected maintenance required
  • They (roadside parking and layby areas) should be very informal in appearance and where possible have a metalled rather than sealed surface.

Draft Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Transport Guidelines

Waitakere Ranges Heritage AreaThe document’s purpose is to assist in upholding the requirements of the Waitekere Ranges Heritage Area Act, 2008 and has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of colleagues across Auckland Council, AT and the Waitakere Local Board.

The document provides a set of 10 principles which AT will be required to meet, and also provides practical examples of where and how these should be applied. You may have already viewed this document at some stage of its development, and please review Version 3 attached by the 10th November 2015 for your final opportunity to raise feedback prior to this being published in its final version, and included as part of the Auckland Transport Code Of Practice (ATCOP).

Auckland Transport’s Manuals & Guidelines online : 

10 principles for Transport work in the ranges including guidelines on information on:

  • treatment of  verges
  • signs
  • safety barriers
  • cyclists
  • type of road surface

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