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Repeating it doesn’t make it true

2 Comments 18 July 2016

‘Occupied by the Piha Library’

If you say it often enough you end up believing it

  1. A loooong time ago the Piha Library applied for a grant to build a new Library building
  2. The Library was not an Incorporated Society so requested the use of the Piha Ratepayers & Resident’s ‘Incorporated name’ as an ‘umbrella’ to accept the grant and lease the land from WCC.
  3. Now the Piha R&R continue to claim ownership which is thievery. 

Recently The Maui Defenders group (Christine Rose) applied for and was approved $11,000 on behalf of Martin Stanley.

Sandra ConeyLeft: Sandra Coney explains it  “Maui Defenders simply hold the grant as Martin is an individual and individuals do not receive grants directly” 

  • So Sandra does this mean that Maui Defenders will ‘own’ the results of what the $11,000 is for?
  • If not then you could apply the same logic to The Piha Library no ?
  • The Piha Ratepayers & Resident’s Assn no more owns the Piha Library building than the Maui Defenders will own the results of the $11,000 grant.

Repeating something often enough may convince you it’s true but it doesn’t make it the truth !

An example of statements the bullying Piha Ratepayers & Residents continue to say – they believe it now!

the Association’s building on Seaview Road that is occupied by the Piha Community Library

Janet Clews responds re Library



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  1. Steve Tollestrup says:

    Sorry for picking up on this a bit late, but I feel it is important to comment nevertheless. I don’t have the background of Sir Bob, Yvonne or Janet on this issue and I appreciate reading their comments. I’m sure that there are other strongly held opinions and positions which also are felt as compelling. For that reason I’m not in a position to take sides nor do I think that it would be helpful to do so. But I am honestly dismayed by the acrimony and the divisiveness this issue has caused the Piha community – and over such a wonderful asset. A real community treasure which my Piha grand-daughter delights in. My commitment then is to ensure the LB put energy next term into supporting both parties move this forward and get some satisfactory and fair resolution. I laughed at Bob’s comment about the middle-east. I’ve worked in real conflict zones like Southern Sudan, Palestine and Sri Lanka. Really how difficult is gaining some positive, just and workable outcome over a community library? A small community like Piha can’t afford this kind of ongoing toxic resentment in its midst.

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Steve: If Sandra Coney is voted back onto the Local Board then I cannot condone the Board being involved in this issue. Ms Coney has a very firm stated position on this ridiculous situation.

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