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Remember Guy Fawkes on the Domain?

1 Comment 01 November 2014

Guy Fawks

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes used to be a community event on Piha’s Domain

When we first came to Piha  there was a bonfire each year, overseen by our volunteer fire service, on the Piha Domain.  It was great fun for everyone.

One year some idiots put a huge amount of rubbish on the fire  and that was the end of that.  Shame

Now fireworks are banned on public places including beaches.  Councillor Cathy Casey says  “The ban also protects vegetation and property from fireworks damage, which unfortunately can be a regular occurrence around Guy Fawkes night,”

That may be true for urban Auckland but there is no safer place for fireworks in Piha than the beach.  Shame we couldn’t cordon off an area on the beach for a safe community Guy Fawkes.

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1 comment

  1. David wheeler says:

    The last time I took my kids and their friends from Titirangi to Piha for Guy Fawkes, I lasted only 5 minutes before escaping the mayhem of random firework release, live units lying on the grass, zero control of children in a dangerous place.
    Never since have I contemplated celebrating this occasion, knowing I am putting myself at the mercy of ‘free spirit’ idiots with no consideration for others.
    May the practice die a swift and lasting death.

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