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Reduction in speed limits on Piha Rd

4 Comments 15 November 2014

Reduction in speed limits on Piha Rd

ThumbUpsmlSpeed limits on Piha Rd are to be reduced to improve safety for local residents and visitors to the popular beaches at Piha and Karekare.

“Piha Road has been identified as a high risk rural road due to its crash rate,” says Community and Road Safety Manager, Karen Hay.
“Setting theappropriate speed limit will clearly signal to all motorists what the safe speed is and should help make the road safer.”
Speed limit change overview

Auckland Transport will make two changes to the speed limit on Piha Road:

  • Extending the 50km/h zone so that it covers the section of Piha Rd from the beachfront to 30 metres east of 170 Piha Rd (currently the 50k zone only covers the section from the beachfront to Seaview Rd).
  • Changing the boundaries of the 70km/h zone so that it covers the section of Piha Rd between 30 metres east of 170 Piha Rd and Anawhata Rd (currently the 70k zone only covers the section from Seaview Rd to Karekare Rd).

Piha Rd from Anawhata Rd to Scenic Drive will stay a 100km/h zone.

The speed limit changes will mean replacing some signs, adding road marking as well as installing a “gateway treatment” at the start of the 50km/h zone. There will be a ‘Welcome to Piha’ sign and a 50km/h road marking to advise motorists they are entering Piha town and to reduce their speed.


The changes to the designated speeds and the new signs will be in place before Christmas. Auckland Transport and NZ Police will undertake an education and safety campaign to heighten motorists’ awareness of the need to observe speed limits and to better use slow vehicle bays.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Krissy says:

    Yes, but they are not lowered yet, so please pull into the slow vehicle bay if you have traffic behind you & are not doing 100km in a 100km area. Thanks.

  2. kerrie says:

    I pull over up to 3 times on my way in each morning and hardly anyone thanks me. So you piha people if a small silver car pulls over for you please honk or flash your lights. I don’t have to be nice but I am and really appreciate your thanks.

  3. Steve Tollestrup says:

    Please note Bobbie that the reduction of speed to 50 kph on Piha Rd was to a large measure the result of persistent and well organised advocacy and lobbying to AT and Police by your Local Board.

  4. Krissy says:

    Actually Kerrie, pulling over for traffic going faster than you is not ‘being nice’, it is actually required by law. Holding up traffic while moving at a speed lower than the speed limit is an offence. You are REQUIRED to pull left to allow the traffic to pass when safe to do so & can be ticketed for not ‘being nice’. P.S, I always flash my lights & wave thanks…

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