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Provoked into countering claim

0 Comments 19 December 2015

Contention over ‘Who built the Piha Community Library’

To The Editor Village Voice

Piha News“The astonishing statement about the library building, made by the Piha R & R in the last issue of the Piha News that  – ‘’This building was built by the Piha R and R Association in 1999’ – has finally provoked me into publicly countering this claim, in spite of the fact that I had previously decided not to enter into any unseemly public wrangling over this matter.   I am sending my comments to Village Voice as the Piha News has decided it will not publish any further references to the library building.

I took over the management of the library from Glenda Northey in 1997.  Glenda had already done great work in organising much fundraising for the new building and contributions were also made by other groups who gave event profits and donations to the Community Health and Library Building Fund account – an account that was not in any way associated with the R & R.

If the R & R Assn claims that it built the library, can it explain the following points:-

  • With authority from the Library Committee and with the help of our own architect, Peter Joyce, as Library Manager I organised the calling of tenders for the building and awarded the contract to a local builder.
  • Again with authority from our small and fairly informal committee of librarians, I personally appointed Berk Morton to be Clerk of Works.
  • I personally worked with Berk, and Peter, on all issues and decisions during the building process.
  • I personally paid all contractors and sub-contractors from the special purpose building fund mentioned above.
  • I successfully made the two major applications to the ASB Trust and the several applications to the Waitakere Licencing Trust for the major grants to enable the library to be built.
  • If the R & R believe they built the library, how come they had no involvement or participation in the official opening ceremony?
  • The Waitakere Council’s donation of $23000 was also paid directly into the independent Community Health and Library Services Account.

All the actions outlined above were undertaken completely independently of the R & R.

The only involvement of the R & R was in continuing, in the early stages of fundraising, Glenda’s informal arrangement with the R & R to channel grants and the signing of the land lease through the R & R, as a properly constituted entity as required by the funders.  The Library Committee at that time had not got around to creating the formal trust that was later set up.  Because the R & R had granted the Library Committee this facility, the Library Committee agreed to keep the R & R updated on progress, and I did this regularly.  I did not ever seek agreement or approval of any of our actions.”

Yvonne Dufaur

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