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Proposed Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw 2014

0 Comments 02 October 2014

Proposed Outdoor Fire Safety Bylaw

Auckland Council is proposing a new Auckland-wide outdoor fire safety bylaw to protect people, property plus the environment from the risk of fire in the outdoors. The new bylaw will replace four existing bylaws.

The proposed bylaw:

  • applies to a range of outdoor fire activities including outdoor cooking and heating fires, fireworks, braziers, barbeques, sky lanterns, traditional cooking fires, open air fires and incinerator fires
  • determines what type of outdoor fires are allowed in urban and rural areas and the general conditions that must be met when lighting an outdoor fire
  • sets out a process for the council to declare a temporary fire ban on all types of outdoor fires (excluding gas fuelled outdoor fires) in extreme fire hazard conditions
  • sets out a process for approving outdoor fires when necessary
  • requires a person to be responsible for minimising potential fire hazards, such as disposing of hot ash and the storage of combustible materials

The final bylaw is expected to be adopted by the council’s governing body later in the year and to come into force on 1 December 2014.

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