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Proposed dog rules

7 Comments 14 May 2015

Proposed dog access rules

DogRules01The Waitakere Ranges Local Board will be seeking our views on the proposed new ‘where / when’ dog rules.

The rules have always been complicated in Piha depending on daylight saving, which part of North Piha etc etc.  The proposal really simplifies the rules.


DogRules01aSome will be very happy and others won’t and I’m not going to preempt who will be in which field.

Basically no dogs ever on Piha Beach.  North Piha is all unleashed year round except when SLS flags are up and then not inside them – easy.

Have a look-see. Consultation will be coming and the new rules should be in place for the coming summer.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Jane Walter says:

    Sense at last. But where has this come from? Council? Do you have a link?

  2. Marco Creemers says:

    Definitely wont be supporting No dogs on Piha beach. That’s just stupid. I didn’t buy in Piha to have to drive to the beach. Our dog has never been out of control nor a pest to anyone on Piha Beach. Why make peoples lives a hassle? Nutty proposal.

  3. Dave Edwards says:

    Not sure about “no dogs on Piha Beach ever”…..maybe always on a lead in Summer months but when I walk my dog between 7 – 8am & after 6pm during the winter months there is literally no one or nothing on Piha Beach…..if there is he goes on a lead….& I pick up his droppings!
    Certainly think dog owners should be courteous & responsive to other beach goers but “no dogs ever” is too much!

  4. Seems “no dogs ever” is really restrictive. I understand why in summer however early mornings and winter days I have been out walking with no one else around for as far as the eye can see!! I have had more issues with other dogs while walking my dogs around the streets! A bit of courtesy by all concerned should help sort issues.

  5. Village Voice Editor says:

    More details and all revealed when consultation starts.

  6. Sandra Coney says:

    The Local Board will be going out with a proposal about dogs at Piha in about a month. There will be about a month for people to tell us what they think, then hearings or submissions, verbally and in writing, before decisions are made. The plan is to have the new dog rules in place by Labour Day weekend. The existing Piha rules have no dogs at Piha Beach throughout the summer, and dogs on leash in winter. The Gap and Lion Rock are dogs prohibited at all times. Piha had the most complex dog rules in the region, and people constantly said they did not understand them. So the LB has simplified them, by proposing no dogs south of Lion Rock any time, but we have made the North Piha off-leash area much bigger, virtually the whole of North Piha under the Local Board rules. But we want to hear what people think, and other proposals that people may have.
    Sandra Coney
    Chair WRLB

  7. Lianne says:

    I think this is a great compromise. We live at South end but always go to North Piha with the dogs anyway, as they need off leash exercise. This should keep everyone happy, and it is easy to understand and police. We will be very grateful for the extensions on North Piha beach. Good luck with the proposal.
    Lianne, Norma, Nina, and Hunter 🙂

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