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0 Comments 12 December 2014

Japanese honeysuckle – control it now

Piha has a huge problem with Cape ivy which is even now spreading up the Piha Hill.    It horrifies me that it has been left so long, by Council, that it is now out of control when it could so easily been controlled a few years ago.

Now we have Japanese honeysuckle taking over.  Oh yes, pretty flower etc,  but this weed is horrific in it’s effects on our environment.

Japanese honeysuckle has the ability to climb over and smother most plants in its path, from ground level to mid-canopy forest species. It can even cause the collapse of the forest canopy if it is allowed to get away.  (DoC)

Here are some photos I took, with the exception of one,  of Japanese honeysuckle on public land in Piha.  It doesn’t seem to like sand.

IF you have some at the very minimum cut the damned thing at the base – please

JapaneseHoneysuckle02   Japanesehoneysuckle07   JapaneseHoneysuckle03

JapaneseHoneysuckle05   JapaneseHoneysuckle04   Japanesehoneysuckle01


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