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Police warning : fraudulent activity

0 Comments 13 February 2015

Police have advised of the following fraudulent activity

WARNINGFraudulent ActivityThis letter is to tell you there has been recent fraudulent activity in your area and as part of the fight against crime we need to be vigilant.

A group of young persons of various ages have approached residents and pretending to be fundraising for a school.  Their intent is to obtain money or to gain entry to households and steal valuables from inside the address.

If you are approached there are a few things you can do to safe-guard yourself:

  1. Do not let them in : No matter how nice they seem or how innocent they look, their intent may be dishonest
  2. Record: Write down their description of who they are, what they look like, what they said, including detailed description of them and the type of fundraising they are trying to undertake.
  3. Report: Contact the school they say they are representing, then contact the Crime Reporting Line 839 0600 and notify the police.
  4. Talk to your neighbours

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