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Piha Premier of High Road

2 Comments 07 December 2014

The Piha Premier of ‘High Road’ was held in the Piha Bowler this evening.

What a great gathering of most, but not all, involved in High Road.   A truly wonderful evening in true Piha style.  Everyone just having a really great time.

High Road filmed in Piha with Piha Producer, Mark Mitchinson as lead, Fiona Anderson playing herself etc

The photos will tell the story :  (IF you’d like a copy of any photo please just ask)

HighRoad30    HighRoad32    HighRoad31

HighRoad07    HighRoad25    HighRoad05

HighRoad20    HighRoad08    HighRoad02

HighRoad03    HighRoad12    HighRoad11

HighRoad16    HighRoad28    HighRoad27

HighRoad24    HighRoad10   HighRoad29

HighRoad21    HighRoad01   HighRoad26

HighRoad17    HighRoad22   HighRoad04

HighRoad06    HighRoad14   HighRoad15

Read and watch HIGH ROAD filmed in Piha HERE.

HighRoad18   HighRoad09    HighRoad13

HighRoad19   HighRoad33    HighRoad35

HighRoad37   HighRoad36    HighRoad34

Read and watch HIGH ROAD filmed in Piha HERE.

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  1. Lisa Coleman says:

    By the way Bobbi – I found the owner of the money! it was indeed who i suspected. I won’t name names but it is a Piha local well known for going through mobile phones like water.

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