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Piha Fishing Club . . . mischievous communications

2 Comments 01 February 2015

Mischievous communications regarding Piha Fishing Club.

LocalBoardFishingClub2011aLocalBoardFishingClub2011aFrom March ’11 to Jan ’14 : Let’s have the truth

left: emails between Piha R&R President,  Local Board Chair and myself.

Recently at the Bowler Graham Trottman said to me at the bar that he and I needed to talk because I was responsible for ‘something to do with access to the beach’  because of my “complaint to the Local Board”.

Because I was surprised at this I have done considerable research and dug deep into my archives.  I still have all these original documents/emails  – here is the result.


During the summer of 2010/11 the sand on Piha beach was deep and dry.  Many vehicles exiting Piha Beach through the southern exit got stuck in the sand and had to take loooong fast ‘run ups’ to get through this sand.

Some didn’t make it and had to take the alternative exit  up the ramp in front of Piha SLSC – many still had the same problem so they would start down near the Rock and speed up to try and make it.

The issue:

Many folk were concerned about the speed these vehicles had to build up to exit the beach with people of all ages on the beach.


I went and spoke to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, Chaired by Denise Yates, at their Board Meeting 23rd of February ’11 to bring this to their attention.  From memory I think I may have mentioned a ramp, or something similar, be installed.  I also mooted the idea of relocating access to a safer place where it could also be open to other boaties.

Above: Letter of acknowledgement from WRLB.

The Result:

  • My appearance and presentation to the Board was described to the Piha Fishing Club, Roger Curtice and many others as ‘a complaint’.
  • Minutes of Piha Ratepayers & Residents Meeting 4th March
    • “Helen (Pearce), Monique (Olivier nee Davis) and Jan (O’Connor) reported on their attendance of the 23 Feb Waitakere Board meeting.” and
    • “Graham Caley reported on concern expressed by the Piha Deep Sea Fishing Club following a complaint made by a Piha resident in Open Forum at the Waitakere Board about access and vehicles on the beach. Access via the gate at the southern end is restricted to fishing club members only through a key system.
    • Motion 9: That a letter be written to the Deep Sea Fishing Club to support existing access to the
      beach for boat launching. Caley/Pearce  CARRIED
  • WRLB Meeting 23/3/11 Rodger Curtice – Piha Deep Sea Fishing Club  Spoke to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board with regards to community concerns raised at the February meeting of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board regarding vehicles and boats on Piha Beach, noting the measures the Piha Deep Sea Fishing Club (the Club) have taken to limit vehicle activity on the beach; and Noted that there are bylaws prohibiting vehicles on the beach, excepting those belonging to the Club and local surf life saving clubs.

 January 2015:

I’m having a great time at the Bowler when Graham Trottman says to me, at the bar,  that he and I needed to talk because I was responsible for ‘something to do with access to the  beach’ (the music was loud)  because of my complaint to the WRLB.

The Truth:

  • Me to President R&R  8/4/11 (cc Chair WRLB)  ” If you had been at the Local Board Meeting you would have heard me STRESS that my address to the Board was not about the fishing club and in fact I said quite strongly that the fishermen need good access.  This is hardly going to encourage anyone to go to the Local Board to ‘discuss’ such matters.. . “
  •  Reply from Chair WRLB  8/4/11 “Hello, Bobbie  I did not see your comments as a “complaint’  I’ll check all the minutes and if there’s a need to record a correction we can do that.  Kia ora  Denise”
  •  Reply from Piha R&R President  “Hi Bobbie –  I knew you had brought this matter up at a Board meeting.  Graham Caley brought it up during the committee meeting on the basis that and perhaps he said there had been a ‘complaint’ from yourself – and how he knew I don’t know – on the basis it had been suggested a more suitable location could be found for launching boats and safety concerns regarding speed.  I’m quite sure you would not have had any go at the fishing club and I will do my best to quash any notion in that regard – and I am involved with that group.  I think you have a valid concern, especially when in full summer there are large crowds on the beach – I’ve seen it myself – a vehicle with boat, making that run through numbers of people on the beach – if a child suddenly darted out being chased, playing with a ball or whatever, yes there could be a tragedy.  My take on it is to write again to the fishing Club saying there are legitimate safety concerns associated with vehicles having to speed up to exit the beach, and access down the surf club ramp isn’t appropriate when crowds are present (perhaps not at all) and ask that some rules / directions be advised to the group or have feedback from them on what can be implemented / improved on.  President Piha R&R

So Piha Fishing Club and Graham Trottman : I didn’t complain about the Fishing Club.  I stressed to the Board that you should be consulted to see if there was any solution/s you could put forward.  There was mischievous, to be kind, chit chat by some )(*&)*(& people.

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  1. Just for the record, the fishing club access sits with the Governing Body not the Local Board as it is in the regional park.

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Copies of emails between Graeme Webber, then President Piha R&R, Denise Yates, then Chair of Local Board, and myself are now added top of this article. Denise, as Chair, did not consider my comments as a ‘complaint’ – those that repeatedly reported I complained are very mischievous.

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