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Piha Fire, 1st Response here for us

1 Comment 24 December 2015

Piha Volunteer Fire and 1st Response train to help us

Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade organised a MCI (mass casualty incident) for Piha fire brigade and Piha/Karekare First Response on Tues Dec 15th from 7pm

I was thrilled when asked to record the event for them.  Here, with their permission, is a record of how they train.

Any emergency please phone 111

Firstly makeup artists ‘created injuries’ on the volunteer patients

Piha Fire   Piha 1st Response  Piha Volunteer Fire  Piha Beach

Then the alarm was set off and the Piha Volunteer Firemen arrived

Piha Volunteer Fire   Piha Volunteer Fire  Piha Volunteer Fire  Piha Volunteer Fire

Police, Piha Fire and Piha 1st Response respond to ‘mass casualty incident’ call out

Piha First Response  Police arrive in Piha  Piha Volunteer Fire

The ‘multi casualty incident’ is a BBQ has blown up and the injuries are pretty horrific

Injuries in Piha excercise  Piha 1st Response  Piha First Response  Multi incident Piha  Piha First Response  Piha First Response  Piha Fire  Piha Fire  Piha First Response  Piha rescue excercisePiha Rescue  Piha Volunteer Fire

What was amazing to witness was the communications between the groups – including central command

Piha Communications  Piha Volunteers Communication  Piha Communicating  Piha Fire and First Response  Piha volunteer excercise  Wonderful Piha Karekare Volunteers  First Response

After everyone had been triaged and cared for there was concern whether Simon would ‘make it’ so a bit of CPR did the trick.

2015-12-15 19.44.51  IMG_0727   IMG_0751  CPR on Simon  IMG_0762


Piha   Piha Fire and First response debrief  Piha volunteer practise

Below: Piha Volunteer Fire, Fist Response and Police

2015-12-15 19.59.36  Piha volunteer patients  Piha volunteerrs

Below:  Piha volunteer patients having some fun for the camera.

Piha kids  Piha kids

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1 comment

  1. Martin says:

    Yes they are. And after I saved a guy out the front of lion rock on the Monday the 28th, First Response arrived quickly bringing their ute right up to the surf and were so good at what they had to do.The young man was at deaths door, they were calm and very well equipped and trained. I hope he or his family come back to Piha and thank us for saving his life.

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