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PAUP: enabling of people and communities

2 Comments 27 July 2016

Auckland Unitary Plan – Recommendations

Independent Panel listens to the people

I was there till the end AND I was listened to.  Submissions to the Unitary Plan – All I wanted was for the Panel to acknowledge PEOPLE live in communities in the Ranges AND we love our environment.

I submitted to the ‘Proposed Unitary Plan and resubmitted and finally went to the hearings and spoke, passionately, about us – the people that live and work in the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area.

If you are going to start a process like this you need to stick it out to the end:  I believe that ‘People are part of the Environment’.

Released today:

The Panel agrees with Ms Turner, Strategic Property Action Network Incorporated, Ms Bobbi Carroll and other submitters that the provisions for the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area are not sufficiently enabling of people and communities [My emphasis]. Like the Council, residents and landowners are stewards of the land and they need opportunities to earn an income to support themselves and the land in a way that sustains the heritage features.

Taking all these matters into account, the Panel concluded that the structure (as amended by the Council prior to the hearing) could be simplified further by:

  1. creating a new Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Overlay (D12) including scheduled sites/areas subject to additional subdivision standards;
  2. creating two new rural zones (H20 Rural – Waitākere Foothills Zone and H21 Rural – Waitākere Ranges Zone) to manage activities in the Waitākere Ranges and the Foothills;
  3. removing the Coastal Settlements Precinct and rezoning sites located in the coastal villages (e.g. Little Huia, Huia and Piha) as Residential – Rural and Coastal Settlement Zone. A Subdivision Variation Control (as shown in the planning maps) is utilised to manage subdivision within these villages. A zoning of Business – Neighbourhood Centre Zone is applied to the Huia Store and the two commercial properties at Piha

MORE:  “Accordingly, the precinct is removed and all of these coastal settlements are rezoned as Residential – Rural and Coastal Settlement. A Subdivision Variation Control applies to these settlements limiting subdivision to one lot per 4000m2 as restricted discretionary. This limit is consistent with the proposed subdivision density as notified and in the Council’s closing statement version for the precinct. Subdivision, use and development within these areas are still subject to the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Overlay. The limitation for the minor dwelling is provided for in the overlay. These standards relate to the minimum site size required for a minor dwelling, and the subdivision of minor dwellings from principal dwellings and converted dwellings being a prohibited activity.
The Panel has also considered a special zone for these coastal villages to recognise its distinctiveness. However, it considered that the use of a standard residential zone in the Unitary Plan will be sufficient to achieve the outcome sought for these areas. These areas are also subject to the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area.”

Independant Hearing Panel “075waitakereranges” READ DOCUMENT

Waitakere Unitary Plan

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2 Comments so far

  1. Julia Woodhouse says:

    Yes Bobbie is there for the long haul and there is NO hidden agenda as certain people suggest.
    She is tireless in showing the hidden reality of areas she knows. She is a true fighter for the people. Doesn’t have to bull s..t to win votes or win friends.
    You may not always agree with some of the points she makes but it is hard to find people in this world who walk their talk. GO BOBBIE! ! Thank you.

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    IHP Report to AC Topic 075 Waitakere Ranges 2016-07-22:
    Are they referring to Plan Change 36 maybe ? “When preparing the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area provisions, one of the Council’s main aims was to carry over a number of structure plans/plan changes to the Auckland Council District Plan: Operative Waitākere Section. These plan changes were settled in the Environment Court and were the result of many years of effort by both the Council and the community. The Council and the submitters wanted to ensure that the provisions which resulted from these plan changes would not be substantially altered in this process. The Panel acknowledged this concern and confirmed its intention to focus on structure and usability.”
    Fabulous – at last they listen to the people –

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