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Pathetic behavior

0 Comments 27 July 2015

Your behavior is pathetic . . . .

“The Piha R&R has a proud history of promoting the wellbeing (sic), environment and development of the Piha community since 1938.”  so says their website but time and time again we find this not to be the case.

As an example here is some recent correspondence that, yet again, demonstrates that the above is not actually the case.

To the President, Piha R&R, Ken Cowan 16/7/15:  “Please publish  this on the R&R website.  “Maybe you’ve had EcoMatters visit and discuss the concerns with stream and the Piha Lagoon pollution in association with septic tanks and would like some help with planting?

Planting is a first line defense against erosion and erosion is a strong contributing factor to pollution.  Also, importantly, planting helps capture and treat nutrients from septic tanks before they get to the stream

Help is available to establish some vegetation stream-side.  Further details Here  https://villagevoice.co.nz/heres-the-deal/ 

Ken Cowan’s reply 17/7/15: “Bobbie,  What you are requesting is clearly advertising and therefore falls outside of my jurisdiction as outlined in the Piha R&R Website Protocols, Item 4, attached.  I will raise your request with the committee.

Bobbie’s response 17/7/15: “Yes Ken.  It’s  advertising a greatly discounted service to assist locals reduce pollution.” – no answer

Email to President 18/7/15:  “Hi Ken, Will you be raising it via email or at the next Committee Meeting ?” no answer

Email to the Committee from Bobbie 23/7/15  “Hi Ken,

Interesting that you write about NZ Blues at the Bowler, Snow in the Park in MASSEY,  and continue to have Dog By-law submission that have expired on your front page yet don’t find it convenient to advertise events/offers for the good of Piha.

You say it’s because it’s commercial or some other excuse.  Ken I do so much volunteer work out here :  I have greatly discounted this ‘deal’ for the folk of Piha and our environment !!!   I am not a charity.


Or how about this?  Not hard really

https://www.facebook.com/events/1624540477803866/  [CoastCare Wetlands workshop]

You’ll win no hearts or minds ignoring these things Ken.

Nothing was advertised by them !  

So nice to have the R&R backing local initiatives all the way – Yea Right !!!

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