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Paradise ducks and dogs at North Piha

0 Comments 10 November 2014

Paradise ducks and dogs at North Piha.

ParadiseDucksI received the following from a Village Voice Reader:

“While down at the far end of North Piha beach on Saturday afternoon I noticed a unleashed dog chasing a Paradise duck away from the rocks . . .

Photo: Paradise duck with ducklings on edge of Piha Lagoon

A little later noticed a group of Paradise ducklings on the rocks with the female.  If I hadn’t asked the dog owner or another group with a loose dog to restrain them , then the ducklings would have been fair game . . . .

I believe that within a certain distance of the northern rocks dogs must be on a leash as this is the first time in 40 years of going to North Piha have I seen ducklings on the rocks.”

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