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4 Comments 10 May 2016

WRLB submits to Governing Body Annual Budget

Waitakere Ranges Local BoardThe Governing Body heard today from each of Auckland’s Local Boards on the Annual Budget.

Steve Tollestrup reports the following for Waitakere : “Our WRLB team advocating this morning before the Governing Body of Council.  This is an annual meeting with the Governing Body.

It is a highly focused meeting,  given only 15 minutes for advocacy and questions. This year we focused on 5 particular issues to raise.

Our main points were

  1. Council’s commitment to recognise their responsibilities to the Waitakere Ranges and Coast under the Heritage Area Act and ensure as an (sic) LB we don’t have our budget for this critical area eroded.
  2. That Regional Parks and Auckland Transport receive increased weed and pest funding as the situation is reaching critical levels.
  3. Adoption of pilot septic tank retrofit scheme to clean up and protect our west coast lagoons,
  4. Shared advocacy with other local boards for investigation into the pollution and degradation of the Manukau Harbour leading to steps for its restoration
  5. Improvement of service delivery in our urban centres, particularly Glen Eden. “

Your thoughts ?

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4 Comments so far

  1. PennyS says:

    Waitakere’s Local Board Plan which the whole area was consulted on (legally required ) said they board were going to “Advocate for $2.9 million for funding of a central town square and a public space linking West Coast Road and Glenmall”. And lead and advocate for “$1million for Oratia Masterplan” Advocate for a “Support the development of a cycleway alongside the Western Line ” They also said there would lead a $1.2 million budget for new recreation facilities in Parrs Park. Why aren’t they advocating for what we were consulted on, or any capital upgrades or significant investment from the regional body?

  2. Have any LAP (Local Area Plan) implementation started ?

  3. PennyS says:

    For Oratia? No. Some weeding bees at the park boundary. There’s been budget allocated for a widened footpath from Nolas to the school and a crossing. But there’s been weird cost blow outs on both the Henderson Valley Mountain road walkway project costs estimates from $185k to $600k . And then the last meeting the agenda item the Transport Update was closed to the public which is highly irregular. So we’ll see. But the top objectives were 1. maintaining a rural character, 2. Protecting environment 3. A distinct gateway 4. Finding new rural land uses and 5. Strenthening the village. I note in the Boards advocating above they say 1. “Council’s commitment to recognise their responsibilities to the Waitakere Ranges and Coast under the Heritage Area Act” They again specifically exclude the foothills or the orchards or vineyards or rural open landscapes. But they actually have a legal responsibility to the Foothills, their landscapes and their people as well under the Heritage Act.

  4. Andy says:

    “People” seem to be noticeably absent from this advocacy program. Advocating for environmental outcomes is just fine — however, the Local Board is there at the behest of ratepayers. Ratepayers are PEOPLE, and advocating for the wellbeing of PEOPLE in this catchment is — and should be — this Local Board’s first priority. Clearly, it isn’t, and that is highly problematic IMO.

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