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One week left : dog rules changing

3 Comments 11 July 2015

Local dog ‘access rules’ changing

DogRules2015aThe Waitākere Ranges Local Board is proposing to amend the rules for dog access to Piha, North Piha and Te Henga/Bethells beaches PLUS Local Parks.

You have one week left to submit on changes to Piha Beach, North Piha Beach AND Local Parks dog access rules. Submissions close 4pm Friday 17 July

Statement of Proposal. Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Rules will be changing for the following:

  • Piha Beach
  • North Piha Beach
  • Piha South Road Reserve
  • Piha Domain
  • North Piha Strand
  • Piha Esplanade Reserve
  • Les Waygood Park
  • North Piha Esplanade

DogRules2015Read the Proposal and then Submit Here





Your Comments

3 Comments so far

  1. G says:

    this is WRONG …. WRONG WRONG WRONG id rather see dogs than people 🙂

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Submission details

    Q1. I agree with the following parts of the proposal. My reasons are:

    Dogs should be under control on-leash at all times between any SLSC flagged area North Piha Beach.
    Reason for agreement: It goes without saying. On Piha Beach dogs won’t be allowed on the Beach while the patrol flags are up.

    Q2. I disagree with the following parts of the proposal. My reasons are:

    “Piha Beach including the lagoon and stream area and North Piha Beach up to 61 Marine Parade North. Dogs prohibited at all times on the beach and under control on-leash at all times on all adjacent parks .•Piha South Road Reserve •Piha Domain”

    Reason for disagreement: There are many dog owners at Piha Beach. It is preposterous that during the winter months they cannot have their dog/s off leash on Piha Beach at all at any time of the day or night. During summer months later in the evening there is no good reason why dogs can’t have a good run on the beach. You are just creating trouble with draconian rules like this.

    The current rules are satisfactory. They would work far better if the signs were easier to understand, in sensible places and of a size people can see and read.

    Is there no area on the Piha Domain for exercising dogs off-leash?

    Q3. My further comments on the proposal are:

    Dogs should also be under control on-leash at all times within 20 meters of any emergency vehicle or personal e.g.: Rescue helicopter, ambulance, fire engine or police vehicle.

    Without an authorized ‘dog ranger’ available to enforce the rules but relying on ‘complaints’ you are encouraging a small close knit community to ‘dob in’ rule breakers.. This is not conducive to community building.

    I don’t seem to see any dog rules for Karekare Beach ???

  3. Village Voice Editor says:

    Also note in the proposed new dog rules:
    •CHANGE THE DEFAULT under control OFF-LEASH RULE for local parks to a default ON-LEASH RULE, and specify the following 17 under control off-leash areas:”
    ◦Armour Bay Reserve – off-leash except on grass area immediately adjacent to beach where dogs are allowed under control on a leash
    ◦Clayburn Reserve – all reserve
    ◦Glen Eden Depot – all reserve
    ◦Glucina Reserve – all reserve
    ◦Kaurilands Domain – off leash on the grass area in south-western corner of park and bordered by the path
    ◦Kotinga Reserve – all reserve
    ◦Kowhai Reserve – all reserve
    ◦Maywood Reserve – all reserve
    ◦Mt Atkinson Park – off-leash on the grass area only
    ◦Owen’s Green – off leash on the area accessible off Laingfield Terrace and Laingrange Place
    ◦Parrs Park – off leash on the grass area to the north of the sports fields accessible from Tuck Nathan Drive and the northern entrance and car park area off Seymour Road.
    ◦Swanson Scenic Reserve – off-leash on the grass area only
    ◦Tamariki Reserve – off leash on the grass area only
    ◦Tangiwai Reserve – all reserve
    ◦Te Henga Reserve – off leash on grass area of Te Henga Park bordered by Bethells Road and the car park driveway and carpark area of Te Henga/Bethells Beach
    ◦Waitākere War Memorial Park – all reserve
    ◦Warner Park – off-leash on the grass area adjacent to beach

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