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Off-roading in Piha – Why ?

3 Comments 02 February 2016

Two cars off Piha Rd within days of each other

Piha RoadWhy, when to the best of my knowledge no vehicles have left Piha Road here before, do two go off  in four days ?

I’ve no idea if the drivers had been drinking or speeding.  I’m sure the police will be looking into that.  Is it just a coincidence or is there something wrong?


What’s changed recently?

  • Three very large pine trees have been removed.
  • That lay-by was a rough gravel area and now it’s a smooth sealed area – a third ‘lookout’.

Piha RoadPhoto:  Taken on 29th Jan 5:40pm after the first car went off-road.

After the first car went off I  photographed the area and then again this afternoon after the second one went ‘off-roading’.  I couldn’t work it out so returned again this evening, while it was dark,  and drove up and down the area just to see.


Piha RoadPhoto: Taken 1st Feb 6:35pm showing where first car went off, yellow, and second one, green.

It’s hard for a ‘local’ to try to work it out as we drive it so often but one thing is obvious  : the pine trees that were there made the corner pretty obvious.


The road side reflectors are for traffic coming down the hill not for traffic going up !  Driving up, in the dark and dipped lights,  it is not obvious at all that the road veers hard left.

Removing vehicle Piha RoadPhoto: One of the two cars being removed this evening.

Drive it at night and pretend it’s your first time.  Those reflectors are designed to illuminate when the lights of downhill traffic shine on them.   There is little to no indication, driving up the hill in the dark, that it’s a tight left corner.

Just thought I’d put it out there – let’s see what the Police and Auckland Transport come up with.   I think it’s extremely dangerous.

I’m sure AT or the Police will get to the bottom of it . . . .

Thanks again to our Volunteer Fire and First Response volunteers

18th June ’16 UPDATE

Road sign PihaSee it’s not that hard to put in a sign to suggest there is a corner and one shouldn’t drive straight ahead onto private properties.

Thanks Auckland Transport

Your Comments

3 Comments so far

  1. Camp Mother says:

    Maybe people should just try driving the road to the conditions- A narrow twisty road that they are not familiar with at night- instead of trying to race as fast as possible up or down. I witness a lot of really dangerous driving late at night.
    And maybe given the location, it is just Gods way of demonstrating- THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DRIVE TOO FAST ALONG PIHA ROAD. No matter how high performance your car is or how good you think your driving is.

  2. Bobbie says:

    I agree Fi but AT have a duty to keep our roads safe. Clearly marking the edges for night driving is a good start.

    • Camp Mother says:

      The car that left the road this past weekend was driving like a fidiot all over the village. It was no great suprise to any of us that it crashed. How about a new Billboard- SLOW DOWN FOOLS!!

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