NZ Geographic is onto it

0 Comments 29 July 2016

NZ predator free by 2050!

The NEWS of the week from government and NZGEO are onto it immediately !

Predator Free NZWithin a few days the NZ Geographic has collated this resource – it’s just brilliant.

Predator free Aotearoa – A guide

A few words from my friend and mentor Chris Ferkins – Biodiversity

It would be such a boost to the country, and to our projects if this were to succeed.

Of course our native wildlife will benefit enormously but this is about way more than wildlife.   NZ is a great place to live in part because of the health of our environment right?   Which also means the healthier it is the better it is for us as a place to live – individually, whanau, communities; health-wise, inspiration, economically, the lot.

As such, OUR environment is about more than our land or our conservation groups projects. The wider community is needed if it is to be achieved.

NZGEO2(Thanks to Kowhai Media and James Frankham for being so on the ball.) ”

Predator free Aotearoa – A guide

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