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Now we know it is 50k

3 Comments 08 June 2016

Auckland Transport has installed 50k signs

AucklandTransport50kbIt’s taken a long time but Auckland Transport finally comes to the party.

Up until very recently the only sign of the 50k speed limit was that ‘decal’ on the road.

After heaps of lobbying AT has finally put up a legal 50k sign so everyone knows that is the speed limit until you get to the 70k further on.

AucklandTransport50kThis’ll keep our young ones that catch the school bus there a little safer as well as the community that live there.

Thanks Auckland Transport

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3 Comments so far

  1. Well done Bobbie………….now turn your skills to reversing the rubbish collection day change.

  2. Annony-mouse says:

    Ahhhhhh if only people would abide to the limit then those of us who live up the top of the hill would not be so terrified of pulling out of our driveways , ,,,,, think of it this way , how would those who live on say Glen Esk Rd, Garden Rd or Marine Parade feel about vehicles traveling at 70kph plus ?

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