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Not welcome @ Piha Camp

11 Comments 23 March 2016

Piha Domain Camp reject Wicked Camper Van

The Piha Domain Camp advertises:

We are a Camp for families and the mature Camper offering a safe environment for children to roam and experience freedom not known in suburban lifestyles. We have 4 Beach Huts, hot showers, kitchen and laundry facilities. No Party Groups.
Piha Domain CampFiona refused to allow this van access to the Piha Domain Camp this evening.  It was 8:30pm so she offered the family a cabin for the night but they were not take this vehicle onto the camp ground.
The family, from Germany, weren’t happy but nor was Fiona at the thought of having this on her family friendly’ camping ground.
A bit of respect in PihaThis camper had the offending word spray painted over.
Is it welcome?  “Yes” says Fiona Anderson of Piha Domain Camp.

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11 Comments so far

  1. Camp Mother says:

    For some time now we have been selective with the wicked vans and some of the juicy camper cars. We will not admit any vehicle with offensive and or sexually suggestive slogans painted on them. We did our usual and offered a sheet to cover the back (Masking tape and spray cans available too.) this couple with 2 young daughters refused all offers and were adamant there was nothing wrong with the slogan. A very ugly scene ensued. What on earth is the world coming to? 🙁

  2. Graeme Webber. says:

    ‘Something’ job is better than no job (quote) – I don’t get it Bobbie.
    Why obliterate something that’s in common view, and leave the number plate exposed?
    If you read the papers (Herald and local publications) you’ll see that many of todays social problems – burglaries, violence – are related to those people not active in gainful employment.
    What did it say? What was the message? Did the Germans understand it or should they have had a translation?
    I need one at any rate.
    Even fishing can be a job and beats any day at the office. Was that what it said : “A fishing job is better than no job” – I’d go along with that! Regards, Graeme.

  3. Drew Hilton says:

    Good on you guys!

  4. Leigh Murray says:

    Well I think that the slogans are distasteful and I back you 100% in your decision. They choose to hire them and now facing the consequences and you choose who you can have there at piha. Time this company changed their ways.

  5. Kylie says:

    @Graeme Webber I would assume the word is “blow” not that you actually needed it spelt out for you . Who the heck would have that on the side or back of their camper van? What sort of business is that? Crazy!!!
    Good on you camp mother

  6. maria says:

    Hooray for Piha…………full marks.

  7. Village Voice Editor says:

    Two messages received through email:
    1. Name: Veronica. Home Country: Australia
    A big shout out to you on the boycott of wicked campers ….sharing your site on my friends list 🙂
    2.Linda. Home Country: Australia
    Hi There, I just read on a FB page that you have taken a stand not to allow offensive Wicked Camper Vans into your site.
    I’d just like to congratulate you on taking this stance in your business – it is to be applauded, and I hope other holiday sites follow your lead.
    Thank you!. Linda. Perth, Western Australia
    NOTE: I have removed their surnames [Ed]
    26/03/16. Another email received
    Name: Sam
    Home Country: Australia
    Thanks for banning Wicked Campers because they are incompatible with your family environment! I appreciate you taking a stand against them!
    Warm regards

  8. Jo Ogilvie says:

    Well done guys…I saw a camper recently at Matakana and was disgusted with the word F*ck within the graffitti art and also it’s not clever.

  9. VW says:

    Well done, Piha Domain. Good on you for being willing to invest in your community.

  10. Norman says:

    Completely support Piha Camp managers stance. Auckland council could do the same across all their many parks!

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