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Not about us without us

0 Comments 14 April 2016

New signage for Piha and North Piha beaches

The Local Board have consulted with regard to new signage at Piha

The consultation was with United North Piha, Piha SLSC, Piha Ratepayers & Residents (not on their website !), Piha CoastCare, Protect Piha Heritage and Waitakere Ranges Protection Society.

The new signs are being erected regardless of what anyone thinks because it’s about ‘water safety’ and it is Council’s responsibility to warn people about any hazards.  The consultation was about ‘how many’, ‘where’ and ‘colours’.

Not about us without usMy issue is why weren’t the people of Piha invited?  What happened to the ‘Not about us without us’ policy?   Like the Surf Research Meeting, maybe only 6 or 9 will turn up but at least we were invited.  If John Edgar from Waitakere Ranges Protection Society or Melanie Read from Protect Piha Heritage can attend then we all should and must have the opportunity to have a say.

It’s too late for any of us to have a say about colours,  pole wraparound or square signs on post etc etc etc.  The decision is being made at the Waitakere Ranges Local Board Meeting this evening April 14th.  It is Item 15 on Page 59 on this Meeting Agenda.

While we talking about signs “what’s up with all the alcohol ban signs everywhere ?”

Below: Some of the options

Water Safety Signage Water safety signsWater safety signs

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