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No protection 48 hours contamination

1 Comment 19 April 2016

No fencing 48 hours after Piha Domain contaminated

Contamination48 hours after Hydrovac first arrived and 72 hours after the leak started and our environment is still badly contaminated and no safety barriers in place.

There are men there scraping the top of the contaminant and another putting some warratahs around the flax and other plant but I’d suggest the contaminant is much further spread than that.



These photos were taken 5pm on Tuesday 19th April

Scraping the top off the very wet area around the flax and tree.

Warratahs are going around these plants I understand.






Very very wet and stinking







Not good and no fencing yet







This stinks terribly








What if this was at the kids playground at the Viaduct ???









These photos were taken 5pm on Tuesday 19th April




Piha ContaminationFinally on the morning of Wednesday 20th of April the worse part of the contamination is fenced off.

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1 comment

  1. Bobbie Carroll says:

    This village needs a ‘real’ Water Quality Group. I nominate Fiona Anderson and Glenda Northey to join me in such a group.
    The qualities needed are clearly tenacity and a willingness to dig deep and get to the ‘why’?
    The current ‘water quality committee’ have plenty of hui and petitions to dredge open the lagoon. Why? Wash out the pollution !
    I’ve always maintained we need to know where it’s coming from – ambulance at the TOP of the cliff.
    One condition though: Fiona, Glenda and myself will be paid. We do enough ‘volunteer’ work. First mission: get the alarms working on Council’s assets..
    Best man for the job is a woman!

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