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New $22,000 dog signs up

1 Comment 04 December 2014

The new dog signs for Piha and North Piha Beaches have been installed.  YELLOW circles  show the signs.  No yellow circles = no sign.

Here are the photos I have taken starting from north of North Piha Beach down to the end of Piha Beach from the road side.

DogSigns03    DogSigns04   DogSigns06   DogSigns07   DogSigns08   DogSigns09   DogSigns10   DogSigns11   DogSigns12   DogSigns14   DogSigns15  DogSigns02    DogSigns16    DogSigns18a   DogSigns17   DogSigns18   DogSigns19a    DogSigns19


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1 comment

  1. Bill Short says:

    That’s awesome Bobbie. Most locals will I expect think it is their God-given right to ignore these signs as typically they respond to any challenge with: “I didn’t move to Piha to have my dog on a leash”. An with the abomination that is Auckland Council (remember how well things used to work under Waitakete City??) I don’t suppose there will be any dog rangers to enforce/monitor adherence to these notices.

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