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Morning traffic stopped

7 Comments 24 June 2015

Beach Valley Road traffic stopped

Cement02Some cement trucks were sent back while our volunteer fire crew untangled the Pohutukawa from this truck.

I’m not sure who will get the firewood but whoever does – you deserve it at this time of the morning.

Thanks for the phone call with the ‘tip’.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Long time listener says:

    I hope they managed to finally get rid of that ever dropping branch.. It should have been removed or at least trimmed back many years ago..
    But I guess while we live in fear of trimming our own trees out here, no ones going to call council to fix one on their land, I case some idiot chains them self to it, or it ends up costing us Piha rate payers another 80k…..

  2. Long time listener says:

    That said, good work by our local fire crew, I’m guessing the road would still be closed had this happened in town. love your work.

  3. BV Boondog says:

    Actually, it was trimmed back a few years ago, and caused no problems until now when an idiot ignores the signs and drives into it…
    “Another 80K??”

  4. Long time listener says:

    I have seen untold camper vans, trucks and buses have to cross right over the center line to avoid that branch in recent months, including a few hapless tourist vans and a bus actually crash into it, so its hardly problem free.
    I guess at the end of the day, its a single branch which would only have continued to drop as the tree aged, just like all Pohutukawas it will be better off after the trim.
    And 80K is what i’m told it cost all up to get council to do something about a problem branch blocking a footpath further down the road a few years ago….

  5. BV Boondog says:

    C’mon, ya made it up. Even the Herald couldn’t get it higher than $12,000…


  6. Bobbie says:

    It was actually $21,000. I’ll go back and find it.

  7. Long time listener says:

    Pretty sure 80k was mentioned, perhaps this was what it would have cost to put a footpath around the branch… either or, $21000 is crazy just to appease a few hand ringers…

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