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Mayhem in Piha last night . . .

1 Comment 08 February 2015

Mayhem in Piha last night – intolerable

Graffiti02Do you recognise this tag?   If so then please phone Henderson police 839-0600 and report it referring to 7/8th Feb Piha.

There was much damage done during the early hours of this morning in Piha.  It has all been documented and reported to the police.

Stupid idiots roaring around Piha on noisy bikes – cars tearing around – graffiti etc

NOTE: Henderson police say ALL damage should be reported to the police no matter how small – it all goes to making up the big picture.  I hope the water thieving has been reported.

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1 comment

  1. Andy Cawston says:

    Are there any plans to do fundraising to obtain some cameras for Piha?

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