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Maggie comes West

0 Comments 28 July 2015

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry came out West

Maggie02It was very interesting to meet and  listen to Maggie Barry, Conservation Minister, talking about the wilding pines down south in Otago  at a meeting held in Lopdell House recently.

Maggie also touched on the recent partnership established between the Department of Conservation (DoC) and New Zealand’s Tourism Industry Association (TIA).

“DOC is at the heart of tourism in this country, safeguarding and providing access to our natural and historic heritage. It makes sense for DOC and TIA to work towards shared goals through a formal agreement.” Read more about this here

An interesting group of people including a number of BlueGreens – growing exponentially I hear – and great conversationalists.

Pines01What really caught my attention though was Maggie’s discussion about the wilding pines down south.  We have our own ‘wilding’ problems here in the Heritage Area which needs to be brought and kept under control.



Pines04Left:  I was thrilled, and I’m sure Maggie would be too, to see these pines removed from Piha Road recently.




Pines03Left:  Come Xmas I challenge Piha folk to go out and cut down a ‘wilding pine’ anywhere off public land.  Maybe if you spot one on private land ask the owner if you can take it.  Do your bit to keep them out of our environment – they burn well !!!

Photo: See the ‘wilding pines’ growing on this bank on Piha Road ?

Wilding Pine are not our only invasive tree problem here.  Below are two photos of ‘Wattle’.  Damn things grow anywhere and quickly.  Pull them out as soon as you see them and if they’re big then take a saw to them – watch you don’t cause erosion though.

Pines02  WildingWattle01

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