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Love towards us . . . Ranui School

0 Comments 19 February 2015

Piha hosts Ranui School for the 3rd year.


Ranui05It started three years ago when Ranui School cancelled their trip to Piha because they couldn’t afford it.  Fiona would have none of it and ventured out to the Piha Community to join her in adopting this school for their annual camp.

And that is how this annual event came to be.  Lucky kids – Lucky us.


Ranui09Enter RSA Kitchen, Blairs, Piha Cafe and Piha Store who feed them.  Lots of gorgeous people in the our community bake and give goodies.  It’s a true community effort lead by Fiona.

Left: Gift from the Ranui School kids to Piha Camp. “Love toward us. Love going out from us”  From Ranui School. 



Ann Russell did story telling with them and the Piha SLSC,  Volunteer Fire and 1st Response gave tours of their facilities.

They finish up with a show and prizes (left) are donated each year by Marty & Lisa Englund of Platinum Sports.  Every child receives something – NO ONE is left out.

Richies Buses provided transport for them.

Some of the sentiments Fiona expressed in her farewell speech today

  • Beauty is a heart that generates love and a mind that is open
  • Sense of duty is out of attachment – sense of responsibility is out of love
  • Your motive in working should be to set others, by your example, on the path of responsibility


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