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Love Being a Local SLOW DOWN

1 Comment 18 May 2015

Love being a Local  Slow Down

Speed is the single biggest road safety issue in New Zealand today.

LoveBeingaLocalbThe Piha Community with support from Auckland Transport and New Zealand Police are working together to raise awareness of speeding issues on local roads.  Your Community is being targeted due to the number of speed related crashes that have happened.
Speed is the single biggest road safety issue in NZ today.  The faster you drive the more likely you are to crash and the more severe any injuries from that crash are likely to be. This is basic physics and it’s relevant to all drivers, no matter how skillful you are.

As your speed increases:

  • The distance you need in order to stop increases
  • There is a greater probability that you will be going too fast if you meet an unexpected change in road conditions
  • There is a greater chance that other road users will misjudge how fast you are travelling

Let’s tackle the speeding issue together by driving to the speed limit at all times and always driving to the conditions.

AucklandTransporta   NZPolice

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1 comment

  1. Anonymouse says:

    HA! What a joke ,,, “love being a local , slow down” , i live in the new 50kph zone at the top of the hill and i would say in the mornings and evenings on a typical work day 85% of the vehicals are way over the speed limit , it is still scary pulling out of my driveway ! Until they police it nothing much will change , people still sit right on your backside tailgating believing that the Piha road is their own private racetrack .

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