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Long-tailed cuckoo in Piha

1 Comment 08 December 2014

LongTailedCuckooA Long-tailed Cuckoo came to Piha

Unfortunately it flew into a window and didn’t survive but Allan, who lives there, took it to Arataki for identification.

The Rangers identified it and were very surprised as not one of them had seen one in Waitakere.

Long-tailed cuckoo | New Zealand Birds Online

The long-tailed cuckoo is a summer migrant to New Zealand. It mainly frequents forest, so is often difficult to observe closely. In flight its long tail (as long again as its body) makes it unmistakable, and its harsh screeching call is another point of distinction. Two intriguing aspects of its life history are its brood-parasitic habits and the long annual trans-oceanic migration. It breeds only in New Zealand.

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1 comment

  1. Megan says:

    I found one of these birds on our Piha property last year and had to Google it as I’d never seen one before. Unfortunately it was dead.

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