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Local Board oppose safety improvement

3 Comments 02 December 2014

The Waitakere Ranges Local Board and Piha Ratepayers & Residents oppose proposed safety barrier on Piha Road

KEY points in Auckland Transports report for new crash barrier on HIGH risk area of Piha road

  • Piha Road has been identified as a high risk rural road. To this end Auckland Transport undertook a crash reduction study which identified some areas where road safety issues were identified as being of concern.
  • A number of loss of control crashes have occurred – the implication of not having a crash barrier increases the likelihood of someone being severely injured or killed. Research has indicated that loss of control type crashes account for 80% of serious injury crashes within 70 km/h speed environments
  • A “skin”  could be designed in a wood finish or otherwise to blend into the surrounding environment or powder coating of the crash barrier in a colour that would blend into the existing environment
  • The height of the proposed crash barrier is about 0.75 – 0.82 metres – The average driver eye height is about 1.1 metres.
  • Over the past five years, 2009-2013 inclusive, there have been a total of 10 reported crashes on Piha Road between Te Ahuahu Road and Pendrell Road. Of these 10 crashes, 4 were loss of control type crashes near the area which a crash barrier is currently being proposed.  Of the 4 crashes, 3 involved vehicles travelling towards Piha Beach and was reported to be travelling at speeds of 50 km/h or less prior to the crash.
  • Auckland Transport will be clearing out the weeds and flax behind the proposed crash barrier and reinstating the area behind the guard rail with a metal shoulder. The metal shoulder will be about 1.0 m in width has enough space for pedestrians to walk in single file behind the proposed crash barrier.

ProposedCrashBarrieraIt is beyond my comprehension how anyone, let alone people who supposedly represent us,  could oppose a low, disguised crash barrier that allowed room for pedestrians to walk in an area where three vehicles have rolled.

While listening to the WRLB asking questions of Auckland Transport about how many crashes, how bad were they etc etc  I wondered  : “What if there was just one crash every 3 years – would that be OK?”   Yes/No ?   “What if that crash involved your son or daughter or grandchild  Sandra Coney, Denise Yates, Saffron Toms, Neil Henderson, Steve Tollestrup or Greg Presland ?   (our Local Board)   Would that make a difference ?”


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3 Comments so far

  1. There have been no crashes involving people going over the bank (what the crash barrier is designed to prevent) for the last 5 years. Since the 45 kph sign went up at this site 18 months ago there have been no crashes at all. The speed is about to be reduced from Te Ahuahu Rd down to 70 kph to 50 kph. The board said this speed reduction should be given at least 6 month to see if it makes a difference before a crash barrier is installed.

  2. J Sturric says:

    Does this mean that if someone crashes, goes over the bank and are killed the WRLB and Piha R&R members who voted against are culpable for the death ? A risk was identified, a solution put forward by AT and rejected by the local two bodies so any death is now their responsibility and on their hands?

  3. The Bounder says:

    I’m concerned not so much for the speedy driver but the pedestrian walking down the Piha Rd, the barrier offers them protection as well.

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