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Letter – Vehicles on Beaches

6 Comments 23 September 2015

Letter to Mayor, CEO Auckland Council and Media

To: His Worship the Mayor Len Brown, Auckland Council

Stephen Town, CEO Auckland Council

cc: Editor, NZ Herald

From: The Waitakere Ranges Combined Residents and Ratepayer Associations Group

22 September 2015.

Dear Mayor Len Brown and Mr Town,


A meeting was held last night with representatives from 7 Ratepayers and Residents Groups from across the Waitakere Ranges. These groups included Waiatarua, Piha, Huia-Cornwallis, Henderson Valley, Titirangi, Laingholm and Swanson.

We were all appalled at the recent fatal accident at Muriwai Beach and wanted to express our full support for the letter recently sent to you by the Friends of Regional Parks (Letter Friends of Regional Parks Inc) calling for a ban on vehicles at all beaches in the region.

Yours sincerely

Kubi Witten-Hannah

Chair, Waitakere Ranges Combined Residents and Ratepayer Associations Group

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6 Comments so far

  1. Fraser says:

    This is absurd. As a muriwai resident who drives on the beach I am completely against this. Using this logic you should ban everyone from driving on all roads. Accidents happen on all roads, and this beach is classed as a state highway. It is tragic, but so are all accidents. It is about educating people on the right way to drive on the beach and the possible dangers. Thousands of people use this beach for a great way to get into nature and enjoy it. Myself, for finding new spots to surf. It is one of my favourite things to do. It will be a greater tragedy if this were to ever be implemented, and I for one will not abide by it. There is a new permit system in place for 4wd’s on the beach. That is far enough.

  2. Glenn says:

    Ridiculous.Since 2004 more people have died in accidents on the Muriwai road or drowned fishing off flat rock at the beach than have been killed driving on the beach.
    Greenies are using the tragedy to advance their own agenda.

  3. Kristin says:

    You cannot legislate to stop people from behaving like idiots and causing their own deaths. What I like to see is legislation that helps prevent them killing others.The recently dead were knowingly committing traffic offences on the beach. That they died may be a tragedy, but it is not unexpected.

  4. Not Ok says:

    It appears that Ms Barton, and the Titirangi R&R may be double dipping on submissions again. Appearing to represent seperate groups when in fact it’s all the same people. In the letter, Friends of Regional Parks the address is PO Box 60203 Titirangi. Put it in Google. PO Box 60203 Titirangi is also the PO Box for Titirangi Ratepayers Association, and also the PO Box for Mels Bartons private events company. Ms Barton is head of the Combined R&R that submits the above letter. But it’s also the Titirangi R&R/Mels Barton PO Box on the Friends of Regional Parks submission. It appears to represent a large cross section of people, but really the letters all connect back to one place.

  5. The local says:

    I’m a 25 plus years local you won’t be stopping me from driving on muriwai beach .good luck with that one

  6. Joe says:

    Talk about over reacting! This beach is a road. Should be ban driving on SH16 as well then!. There’s been heaps of crashes on that road!

    I’m all for extra safety regarding beach driving though. After all it’s different from driving on a solid road. It would be good to find out what happened with this crash, i.e. Did their front left tyre sink into a soft spot because they were driving too fast or in the wrong place?

    This warrants serious discussion before taking action/ making new rules, that’s my ten cents anyhow

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