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Lagoon pollution update

0 Comments 07 August 2015

Council is taking the West pollution seriously

Auckland Council

Auckland Council

I had a great meeting this morning with one of the ‘lead’ council staff on the council ‘multi-department’ working group dealing with the pollution in the streams and lagoons in Karekare, Piha, North Piha and Bethells.

Auckland Council now has ten separate departments working together on a ‘multi-departmental buy-in’ to find and solve this embarrassing problem.  This is fabulous news.

The one thing each has in common is we, the people, can help council in many ways.

What Council can and will do:
  • Lead the way by ensuring council assets are operating above standard.
  • Enhance inspections when septic tanks are pumped – maybe pump out more often ???
  • Improve compliance monitoring with resource consents
  • Asses overland flow of storm water
  • More information about what products (soaps etc) are better to use
  • More education about spreading out water use.  eg: Don’t turn the washing machine & dishwasher on and then have a nice warm 20 minute shower
  • Offer subsidies and/or finance options for required upgrades where the cost would cause hardship for the owners.

What we can do:

  • Spread our water usage over the day
  • Pickup our dog’s poo
  • Check our septic tanks between the council inspections
  • Discourage people from feeding the ducks, pukeko and birds.  They eat then they poo.
  • Direct water tank overflow away from effluent disbursement fields
  • Use products that don’t harm the goodies in our septic tanks
  • Direct storm water into roadside storm water drains
  • Have drainage on concrete or impervious driveways
  • Attend EcoMatters educational events
  • READ pamphlets put in our letter boxes


The photos below show a number of driveways in Piha that have drainage.  This helps direct the surface water into the roadside storm water drains thereby reducing overland water.

Stormwater01  Stormwater02  Stormwater03  Stormwater04  Stormwater05

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