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Lagoon pollution results #2

1 Comment 30 August 2015

Water quality in the West Coast Lagoons

Following Lagoon pollution results #1 here are  results  presented to the meeting 15th August.

Reviewing of performance of council owned wastewater systems

  • CaptureFMMorphumFM contractors  – Operation & Maintenance of Water & Wastewater systems (council facilities)
    Treatment Plants, Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, Reactive call-outs
  • Morphum (consultants to ACPD, Property department)
    –Technical advice and oversight of Water and Wastewater systems
    –Renewal of Consents, Respond to Compliance Audits, Initiate CAPEX where existing deficiencies identified

CapturePihaDomainPiha Domain ‘Trees for Babes’  Consent limits:

  1. Discharge Volume:
    • Peak Season up to 36,100 L/day  (no exceedances 2014/15)
    • Off-peak Season up to 24000 L/day (35 days in exceedance 2014/15)
  2. Effluent Quality
    • BOD5:TSS less than 15:15 mg/L (no exceedances 2014/15)
    • Amonia, NH3-N less than 5mg/L (3 days in exceedance 2014/15)

CaptureLesWaygoodLes Waygood Park (Nth Piha)  Consent limits:

  1. Discharge Volume:
    • Was 8000 L/day (7 days in exceedance 2012/15)
    • Future 12,000 L/day (with connection of campground)
  2. Effluent Quality
    • BOD5:TSS less than 15:15 mg/L (1 BOD exceedance 2012/15 : 17 TSS exceedances 2012/15)
    • E.Coli less than 200 cfu/100ml (new consent from Dec 15)


  • Consent expires December 2015.
  • Renewal currently in processing
  • Due for issue Sep 2015.
  • Upgrade of WWTP and irrigation field due to connection of North Piha Campground
  • Construction by end September

CaptureKarekareKarekare Public Toilets  Consent limits:

  1. Discharge Volume:
    • Up to 2000 L/day (30 exceedances since Oct ’12)
  2. Effluent Quality
    • BOD5:TSS less than 15:15 mg/L (4 & 5  exceedances, respectively)
    • NH4-N NO3-N less than 5/5 mg/L (one compliant result since Oct 12)
    • Fecal coliforms less than 200 cfu/100ml.  (3 exceedances since Oct 12)

NOTE 1:  Piha Mill Camp and Te Henga (Bethells) has no exceedances during testing dates

NOTE 2: ‘Exceedances’ is a word invented by Council not me  🙂

More coming

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1 comment

  1. Graeme Webber. says:

    Re Piha Lagoon Water Quality ::
    Where do they get their terminology from? “Exceedences” !!

    I’m sure this will be like isis – you won’t be able to stop it.

    This all comes and goes depending on how often there’s sufficient rain to flush it out – which is very often. The Council (previous) added to the problem by imbedding a large drain taking flow from up the hill and this discharges all sorts of detritus into the stream just down from the car bridge. This drainage system has in turn affected the outfall of the Moana Stream on South Beach where there used to be a distinct delta.
    This in turn has resulted in that entire area of South beach silting up and ruining the inshore Pakiti break. I wonder if the 10 sub-interested Council (?) groups (or whoever) will manage to stuff it up further.

    There’s a whole micro-system in that lagoon area that has been wrecked over years of do-gooders and Council backfilling and reclaiming what was once a natural habitat for many water species viz: eels and flounder inunga etc in abundance

    Talk of bulldozing the lagoon outflow is another crazy idea from those who have no idea.

    Regards, Graeme Webber.

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