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Keep On Keeping On

0 Comments 28 November 2015

Keep on Keeping On – Suicide Prevention Awareness

  • Did you know that New Zealand’s Suicide rate is double our road toll number?
  • Did you know that every WEEK on average 10 Kiwis take their own lives.
  • Over 500 kiwis each year that felt they had no other choice…

Suicide PreventionWe need to come together as a nation and show that there is another choice, there is help available and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  29th November  Corban Estate Arts Centre  10am – 4:30  Be a friend – take a friend. 

Sunday 29 November is a day where we can do just that: we all come together to have fun in the sun, learn about suicide prevention and who we can all turn to in our time of need or to talk about a loved one at risk.

This year we are taking it up a level with some amazing carnival rides and games, some old favourites like Pony Rides, Bouncy Castles and Water Walkers along with free face painting, free balloon art, free Santa photos, did I mention it’s all free?

There will also be lots of local organizations that are here to help us if we are feeling a bit confused or down or just need a good old chin wag. Last year we were joined by Youthline,  Walsh Trust,  Man Alive,  ADHB Sexual Health, Casper, Rainbow Youth,  Lifeline, LE VA and many many more organisations in the hopes that we can let people know exactly who they can turn to if they need. You can expect a similar (but larger) variety of organisations on show for this years event.

Silence is the way we have dealt with this taboo topic in the past. It’s time to come out and shed light on such an important pressing issue that affects, either directly, or indirectly almost every single person in this country!

It’s time to speak out, it’s time to as our Government why more isn’t being done – it’s time to go to the media to get them talking about it – it’s time to save our kids and their futures. Making sure we are encouraging everyone around us to keep on keeping on.

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