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Just have another hui !!

6 Comments 07 November 2016

Permanent Health Warning

Five swimming areas in Waitakere now have ‘permanent health warnings‘.

I think I might take my car into Henderson tomorrow.  Then I’ll remove it’s ‘Warrant of Fitness’ and go cruising.  If I’m spotted by police I’ll snub my nose at them then wait and see how much the fine is and if they allow me to keep driving.  What’s the bet it’ll cost me a bit and/or they’ll take my car off me.

Water QualityLeft: Latest test results.

If anyone suggests another hui,  chit-chat, scone or anything other than enforcement action I swear I’ll flour bomb them.

It’s disgusting.  It’s shameful.   It’s beyond belief that this can go on year after year after decade after decade and now there are permanent health warnings.


Waitakere Water Quality

Permanent health warning areas:

  • Laingholm Beach
  • North Piha Lagoon
  • Piha Lagoon
  • Te Henga (Bethells) Lagoon
  • Wood Bay

West Coast Lagoons :  Auckland Council is working with the community to improve the water quality at Karekare, Piha, North Piha and Te Henga lagoons.

Safeswim water quality monitoring 

Your Comments

6 Comments so far

  1. mark scott says:

    Is the north piha camp ground connected to the sewage system? How is it that the river continues to fail – when its catchment is bush and council operated sewage treatment provided community facilities

    But the question remains – is the north piha campground still discharging into the stream ?

    • Gail Abel says:

      The North Piha campground has never discharged into the stream and also underwent a major upgrade of all it’s sewerage disposal last year which has seen it hooked into the system at the toilet block next to Barnett Hall.

    • mick says:

      Hi Mark

      Yes the North Piha Camp Ground sewage system is connected to the council operated sewage treatment.

  2. Where is North Piha Lagoon? Do they mean the twin streams? There hasn’t been a lagoon there since July?

  3. Village Voice Editor says:

    The Piha R&R recently published “Results show clearly that the recent flushing of the lagoon by nature has resulted in a clean Piha Lagoon with all readings for both Bacteria (Ecoli) and chemicals (Phosphates and Nitrates) being significantly BELOW the safe swimming recommend levels set by Council. This contrast with unsafe levels recorded before the flushing.
    Wrong: the latest result for Piha Lagoon is E-coli (MPN/100mL) 550. That’s a fail !

  4. Mike Stanley says:

    But where does the Council’s North Piha sewage treatment system discharge go ?

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