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It’s not hard – just KISS

0 Comments 22 July 2015

Just Keep it Simple Stupid

KissImageBecause it’s too hard the proposed new dog bylaw reads in part

“Piha Beach including the lagoon and stream area and North Piha Beach up to 61 Marine Parade North:–  Dogs prohibited at all times on the beach and under control on-leash at all times on all adjacent parks. Piha South Road Reserve and Piha Domain”

This is shocking news for those that live at Piha Beach (aka South Piha).

KISS and leave the bylaws and change the signs.

As usual break the seasons into two so signs are changed twice a year – not hard !

  1. Labour Weekend to Easter
  2. Easter to Labour Weekend

DogSigns01Left:  These are the most complicated dumbest signs I’ve ever seen.  No one reads them let alone understands them.   Best practice is international signs.





In season 1. put these signs on the entrance points to Piha Beach.






In season 2.  replace the red signs with these.





DogsOnLeashb  Put these signs where dogs must be on a leash.





I thought these two were kind of neat and friendly too.

NoDogsBeyond  NoDogsBeach

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