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0 Comments 27 February 2015

Can we have 10% of  Twin Streams budget ?

This evening, at the Waitakere Ranges Local Board meeting, I heard that Council are no longer going to fund Waitakere’s Sustainable Neighbourhood program.  This is the program that supports the Beach Valley Road Project which, as a pilot project of Waitakere City Council’s, has been looking after our environment for over 7 years now.

StreamUnhealthyLeft:  This is the stream behind the West Coast Gallery in Piha.   It is disgusting.  It is full of silt, mud and other products of erosion.  It is shameful to have such a stream in the Heritage Area.

All it takes is planting of appropriate stream side plants and some love.  Could we just have 10% of the $1,000s and $1,000s spent on Twin Streams.

StreamHealth01Left: This is part of the stream in Beach Valley Road that we have worked on and loved for the last 7 years.

It has good streamside planting to slow and filter the water entering it.  It has shade for the living creatures in it.  It has no erosion and a healthy pebble bottom.   This is what a healthy stream should look like.

If anyone would like me to walk them around the work we’ve done please just contact me – I’d love to.

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