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It’s an exceptional find – in PIha

1 Comment 10 December 2014

The Long Tailed Cuckoo found in Piha has generated huge interest.

A Village Voice reader forwarded the article on LT Cuckoo to an Auckland Parks employee who forwarded it to another and now . .  the specimen is being retrieved from Arataki and sent to Auckland Museum.

No one, not even those longer in the tooth, have ever actually seen a Long Tailed Cuckoo in Waitakere.  It’s an exceptional find.

“The Auckland Museum would be very keen to get it for a current research programme on LT cuckoo and also to add the specimen to the collection, because it appears to be in very good condition.”   says a member of the Oceania Reintroduction Specialist Group  

“I’m sure the Ark in the Park team will be keen to hear that they are turning up, especially in view of the LT cuckoo’s host species, the whitehead, being reintroduced to the Ark area over the past few years.”  he continued

Have a look at these amazing photographs

LTCuckoo06    LTCuckoo05   LTCuckoo07

LTCuckoo04   LTCuckoo08   LTCuckoo01   

LTCuckoo03   LTCuckoo07



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1 comment

  1. Dianne Sparrow says:

    Had one in our garden about the same time. Maybe the same bird have a feather left by it. Seen in past years also up Glenesk Road.

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