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It won’t happen overnight but . . .

0 Comments 10 May 2016

It won’t happen overnight but it WILL happen

In my opinion there is a real lack of ‘biodiversity’ in Piha.

Beach Valley Road PihaPlanting what we think  ‘should’ be there doesn’t always help nature do her own thing.   After minimal planting there are areas that we just weed now and let nature grow what she wants to.

Hence look at the amount of ferns growing on the south-facing side.


Natives in PihaIn my opinion there is a real lack of ‘biodiversity’ in Piha.

Certainly when a ‘plan’ is put together, with the very best of intentions,  it is what people ‘think’ nature would grow left to her own devices.

I look after a number of properties (vegetation) in Piha and I generally don’t plant. What nature has decided to grow is just amazing.

Coastal Natives



Last Photo: This bank was once upon a time smothered in Wandering jew.  All we have ever done is weed.  Now look at it.



Why do we plant?

  1. We want instant gratification – get over it !
  2. We don’t trust nature – I’ve learnt to.
  3. There is no seed bank.  Then plant 🙂

Disclaimer:  Of course I acknowledge that there are times when a planting plan is required.  I’d just like minimal human planting and weed, weed and weed so nature can do her thing.  The results of this can clearly be seen in these photos.  We planted NO ferns.

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