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Is your water being stolen ?

1 Comment 04 February 2015

Piha Residents report water stolen from their tanks.

WaterTanksaWith water so precious at this time of the year it is totally unacceptable to steal it.   It’s unacceptable any time of the year actually.

If rain is on the way and you’re running short why not ask your neighbours if you can borrow some – we have happily shared with our neighbours.

But to steal is NOT OK.   It’s not good for our community to become suspicious of folk without proof.  Nor is it OK to take the law into your own hands – in my opinion.

If your tanks is being emptied please phone the Police – 839-0600 and report it.  They’ll surely take notice is they get many calls.  No violence please


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1 comment

  1. The Bounder says:

    some of these crims just don’t think things through, if they just stole the roofs or rooves they’d have enough water all year round.

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