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Is this an IQ test or what ?

3 Comments 10 June 2016

Auckland Council’s website for rubbish dates

Our rubbish collection days are changing from Monday to Wednesday.

4038_024To ensure I had the dates correct I went into the Auckland Council’s website and put in a street search for the dates.  What the ?????

Rubbish collection dates


Left:  June dates.  No problems here






Rubbish collection


Left:  July dates. Something is very wrong here. Can you spot it? 



IF you’re not happy with this then you can ‘lodge a complaint‘ with Council

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  1. Dave Hardy says:

    Has the R&R contacted the local board to advise what the consequences of weekenders putting out their rubbish on a Sunday and having it collected on a Monday will do? Ripped bags, and rubbish all over Piha.

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