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Is this a ‘friend fest’ or what ?

6 Comments 10 August 2016

The Piha Ratepayers & Residents show their bias

MeettheCandidates01aElection : Meet the Candidates they say !

It’s always been my observation that the Piha R & R are not here for us, the residents and ratepayers of Piha.   If they were then a whole lot more candidates would know about this.

Today I contacted a few candidates that are standing  for the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, as a Ward Councillor or the Waitakere Licensing Trust and I cannot find one, other than those pictured, that know about this meeting or who have been invited.

For your information Piha Ratepayers & Residents here are just a few more ‘candidates’ standing.  Are you thinking of inviting them or is this a ‘friends fest’?  There are more but I just grabbed these quickly.

In no particular order :

Michelle Clayton

Michelle Clayton – Waitakere Rangers Local Board Candidate


Michelle on Facebook



Judy LawleyJudy Lawley – Waitakere Licensing Trust





LindaPotauaineLinda Potauaine – Waitakere Ranges Local Board Candidate





Linda CooperLinda Cooper – Ward Councillor Waitakere





Deputy Mayor Penny HulsePenny Hulse – Ward Councillor Waitakere


Candidates:  If you don’t get an invite I know lots of people that would like to meet you too so here are the details :  Piha Bowling Club from 2 til 4pm on Sunday September 11

Piha Candidates Meeting12 August ’16

Left: The Piha Residents and Ratepayers have changed the photo as they well should.

A little late as the horse has bolted but better late . . . .

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6 Comments so far

  1. gregpresland says:

    Bobbie it is the photo of the existing board, probably chosen because of that and I am certain that all candidates will be invited. But in general terms are you advocating that all R&Rs should be careful to treat all candidates equally and there should be no preferential treatment given to candidates by media releases then yep I agree entirely.

  2. Bobbie says:

    Hi Greg. Using the photo of the existing board is very inappropriate. There are many images that could be used. In my opinion it’s speaks for itself but we all know that uh?

  3. Penny S. says:

    The press release is misleading election information, and makes it seem like this one party is the only candidate you can vote for. In fact it is only a single party, and there are other parties and also some local Independents running. I think it’s a pretty fair question raised by Bobbie. You’d think if it was a mistake perhaps there’d be a simple apology and correction. So no worries, but it’s good of Bobbie to bring it to the publics attention or they may think these are Waitakere’s only candidates. You can’t be an informed voter if you don’t have access to accurate information.

  4. Steve Tollestrup says:

    I’m confident this is just an oversight with nothing intended. But I agree and would have preferred a more neutral image for this event. As Greg as already stated no preferential treatment should be given to candidates.

  5. The horse has bolted. Very careless.

  6. Piha R&R Assn. says:

    Every Waitakere Ward and Waitakere Local Board candidate that has made their contact information available has been invited.
    At the time the original post was made, the current “Show Your Love” photowas not available, but was changed as soon as possible.

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