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Imagine if it was Taylor Swift ???

3 Comments 12 January 2016

Now we get an idea of what Navara are up to

Piha Beach Taylor Swift got into heaps of controversy at Bethells.

So will Nissan Navara?   “Proud sponsor of Piha Surf Life Saving and this weather ONE update”  every evening on TV ONE.

Look what they have done to Piha Beach.


Piha Beach

Click on this photo, left, and take a look at how deep the tires are in the sand.

Backhand advertising !

This is not about our surf life savers – we are indebted to them.  Not so sure about Piha SLSC Board and Nissan !

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3 Comments so far

  1. Bill Short says:

    Oh wait…someone is going to say that those tyre tracks are harming the environment!!! How will the beach ever recover from the irreparable damage that has been caused?? Just went for a walk and they have gone. Thank the Lord! It is truly a miracle. Sponsorship is about advertising. Why do you think Westpac have their name on the side of the helicopter?? One of the lamest posts I have seen on Piha Village Voice.

    • Village Voice Editor says:

      Hi Bill. My issue is with these huge Navaras on the beach at any time. Maybe if there is a very real emergency they may be needed – maybe! I understand now why they were ‘donated’ to the Club – advertising!

  2. Martin says:

    One got stuck the other day trying to get a boat out

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