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I’m going to say it “I’m sick of Piha Rescue”

2 Comments 15 November 2014

I’m going to say it “I’m sick of Piha Rescue”

Piha RescueFact One:  Piha SLSC, they tell me, receive no funds from this program.

Fact Two: Surf Life Saving Northern Region, they tell me, receive no funds from Piha Rescue.

Fact Three: Surf Life Saving NZ, they say, receives no funding from Piha Rescue.

Yes I know that the Piha Rescue has raised water safety awareness and this is wonderful but I’m over it.  I’m over their cameras sitting on vehicles on Piha Beach.   I’m sick of their cameras in boats vrrooming up and down the beach filming.   I’m sick of people’s reactions when you say you live in Piha . .  .  “Oh that dangerous place . . .  you don’t swim do you?” and other such nonsense.  I’m just over it.

Several episodes made me feel sick – one in particular was watching young surf guards looking for a body over near the gap.  Surf Guards rescue living people.  NZ Police retrieve bodies !!!   Also, which really annoyed me, is the man in question didn’t drown – he suicided !!!  A disgusting episode AND it was repeated.

So I asked Council if they were filming again this year (Oh, please say no I thought) and this was the reply I received

I’m contacting you in response to your question about consents for the television programme ‘Piha Rescue’.   Auckland Council and Screen Auckland have not been notified by the production that they will be filming Piha Rescue over 2014/15.  If they are filming, they normally get in touch out of curtesy (sic) however they are not required to apply for a film permit/consent.

The production is filmed documentary/reality style eg. handheld cameras, no structures, no trucks, less than 9 crew – the camera crew follow around their subjects, in this case the surf lifeguards, as they go about their normal duties.

This type of filming activity is considered ‘low-impact’ on the public so no permit/consent is required.  Other productions considered in this category are Road Cops, Westpac Rescue, Dog Patrol.

If the filming activity taking place were more than  ‘low-impact’  for instance, they had more than 9 crew on site, camera on camera track, lights on stands, structures and the filming caused disruption to the area, then a permit and fee for filming on Piha Beach may be required.  Approval to film would need to be considered by the key stakeholders – the council parks team and local board.  Fees would be charged and collected  by the parks team and the permit issued by Screen Auckland on behalf of Auckland Council once approval for the shoot has been given by the stakeholders.

Please call or email me back if you have any further questions about permits and consents for filming activity on public open space.

I did email back disagreeing with the ‘low impact’ statement and I’d like them to move onto Hotwater Beach or Raglan or wherever – just I’ve had enough of them.  10 years and over it !

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  1. Dave Short says:

    Out of respect for the family the cause of that man’s death was not revealed to viewers. At the time the surf club was notified the person may still have been alive – so to say it was a Police job shows just how much you don’t know. In true style Bobbie you have “taken the law into your own hands” and revealed the actual cause of death in total disrespect for the family. Kinds of makes your comments and taking the moral high ground seem a tad hypocritical. That episode earned Piha lifeguards more accolades than any other for the incredibly good job lifeguards do. Lifeguards deal with dead bodies; it’s part of the job – even for the 14/15/16 year olds. They don’t all survive you know. Surf life saving has a comprehensive support system for young people involved in such an incident; you make it sound like they weren’t up to the job. Public opinion and senior lifeguards within the movement disagree with you. Piha Rescue has dramatically reduced the number of people who need to be rescued; that’s a bad thing??

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    “Piha Rescue has raised water safety awareness and this is wonderful”. It’s ‘used by date is up’ in my opinion.

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