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I love Labour Weekend in Piha

0 Comments 26 October 2015

I love Labour Weekend in Piha – always have.

The Piha Preschool’s annual Market Day in Piha is not only a great way of raising funds for them but it’s the start of spring / summer.   Every man and his dog comes out – those in hibernation come out – people catch up after being away over winter.

Here are some photos I took over the weekend. Click on them to see the full photo as the ‘thumb nails’ hide some of the people or people’s heads.

West Coast Gallery Andy Mardell  RWC Semi Final Dan Carter  Skateboarding in Piha  Teenagers skateboarding in Piha  Piha Cafe yummy foodPiha Market Day  Piha Surf Life Saving  Piha 1st Response - First Response Fiona Anderson  Zeke Wolf and Andy Mardell. Piha Volunteer Fire  Labour2015u  Piha Trouble !!! :-)  Piha Volunteer Fire  Piha Parents  Labour201504  Home made baking  Piha Community Library. Alberto  Labour2015m  Face painting in Piha   Labour2015l  Piha CoastCare Trustees  Mike Murane  Sunset dinner with Piha friends  Karekare Locals  The Barron twins and families  Adeys - Piha Beach Best Chips  Ross and Helen Duder @ Piha  Mark Mitchinson - Piha  Labour2015e  Labour201503  Piha Beach SLSCMeuhlenbekia and Puka  Piha Market Day

SmileholdhandsI hope the Preschool made lots of $$$.   If anyone would like a copy of a photo they are in just contact me.


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